Self Tanning: What to use and how to do it

I can’t stand Jennifer Lopez now but there’s no denying that she’s mastered the art of one thing: self-tanning.  Yes, JLo’s got a great glow.  I remember reading years ago that she never sunbathes.  This might explain why she still looks so young in her 40s in combination with other procedures.

Regretfully, I’ve spent about 12 years obsessively tanning in tanning beds and outside and the only way to compensate for such poor skincare is to make up for it with a well-maintained self-tanning routine.  Below, you’ll find products to get the tan pictured above.

Here’s what I use:

I’ve read there are other top-rated brands such as Clarins that work just as well but I’ve been through a lot of self-tanners and these look the most natural.  I’d rather use a spray-on airbrush tan any day than a lotion because they can get your back and places that are hard to reach but if you use a back brush specifically for applying lotion like the ones sold at Bed Bath & Beyond, those also do the trick.

The key to a natural-looking self tan is to be completely exfoliated.  I use St. Ive’s Invigorating Apricrot Scrub because it’s one of the roughest ones that I can find.

  • Stop the shower and put on the scrub
  • Use a scrub brush with and without water running
  • Keep hair up tightly
  • Make sure you’re completely dry and apply self-tanner in long strokes rather than short circles
  • If there’s any areas that you want lighter such as your face, neck, chest and of course, knees, elbows and ankles, mix the self-tanner with lotion or apply lotion on to these parts immediately after
  • Wait about 20 minutes before dressing and wear loosely-fitted clothing.  You can also use a blow-dryer or fan to speed up drying time
  • After about five to seven days, you’re ready to do this again.  The hard part is getting off the remaining self-tanner.  Once again, use the scrub and a body brush both with and without water but also use a damp washcloth to ensure all remaining self-tanner is gone.  Lemon juice also works for getting rid of patchiness but I wouldn’t bother to use it unless your application was uneven.



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