Generic brand of Latisse

My sleek and hairless little Mexican ancestors did give me wonderful skin (minus the acne) but it left me with one problem: sparse and short eyelashes.  Luckily, in the past few years, the beauty industry has been launched numerous lash-enhancing products to grow and thicken conditions like mine.  The only one I’ve tried is Latisse, the famous lash grower sold in spas and medspas worldwide.  I’ve loved the results but not the price.  It retails for about $180 unless there’s a special.  Fortunately, my aesthetician whispered that the she and her daugheter and the employees at my favorite medspa have been using the generic brand of Latisse ordered from 4RX online.  You can order eight bottles for less than the price of one Latisse.  A bottle can last me three to five months so you’ll be set for a couple years.  I haven’t seen a difference with the generic brand from 4RX and the Latisse sold in medspas and spas.  It’s the same ingredients just at a cheaper price.

One thing that I might add about Latisse and the generic brand of the lash-enhancer is that if you stop using it, your eyelashes will eventually return to their normal state.  When I was still buying the expensive Latisse, I stopped using it for about a month because of the price and I noticed that my eyelashes weren’t as long when using the product.  However, the product is not a hassle.  You swipe it on like you would eyeliner before bed and it takes about 10 seconds.  It’s well worth it.



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